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I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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What are they telling you?

Mutant Girls Squad

The piece I submitted to the Strange Paradise Zine is Kuchi-sake onna or the slit-mouthed woman. Kuchi-sake onna is a Japanese urban legend which involves a masked woman who goes up to children and asks,”Am I beautiful”. When they answer, she would take off her mask to reveal a hideously slit open mouth to reply “Are you sure?”. She chases the children she comes across armed with a pair of scissors/ scalpel/ knife (her weapon changes depending on where in Japan you hear this legend). There are many Japanese horror movies made about her and this legend has been around Japan for almost 40 years. My piece isn’t based on a specific movie, it’s a result of watching a bunch of movies/ hearing stories about her as a child.

this is android’s cutiepatootie character, kapranova
he’s holding a contest and wanted me to enter, so… ayep orz